Research and Progress & 100% Made in Italy
Research and progress combined with artisanal intelligence and 100% Made in Italy guaranteed: all these factors make Devimar eyewear an excellence in the field
Spectacles produced by Devimar
respect traditional values of handicraft.

All stages of manufacture, whether or not carried out by machines, require scrupulous monitoring and handmade finishing.

Exclusively produced in Italy acetate sheets, Italian small metal components, top quality organic or glass lenses, all these elements enables us to provide our customers with a totally certified and traceable product 100% Made in Italy.

Design has become increasingly pivotal in a market taken over by low-cost and sometimes design-free products, basically copies of much more successful products.

Design is a crucial and significant stage at Devimar, that is why the company provides the customers with a team of experienced experts with academic background, capable of designing and presenting an entire collection of glasses, both prescription glasses and sunglasses, using 3-D renderings.
Thanks to the synergy between designers expertise and CAD and CAM systems, we are able to build an optimised glasses project in 3 dimension even by starting with a basic 2D design.

The colour study, crucial part of the research and development process, finishes and makes the final product unique.
This kind of engineering allows to prototype the glasses and the molds very accurately. Thanks to our passion for research and to our products development unit, the value of Devimar made in Italy eyewear can be hardly found elsewhere.

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