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The first eyewear factory of Southern Italy.
Devimar Occhialeria Artigianale was the
first established factory
in Southern Italy, since

It was September 1976 when two young university students decided to give birth to Devimar, the first and only acetate eyewear factory of Southern Italy, even though, at the time, it was about a thousand km away from the eyewear industrial district, where most of the manufacturing is still localised nowadays. Nevertheless, quietly and tiptoeing, the factory moved its first steps in the field of handcrafted acetate eyewear.

Competence, experience, high quality raw materials strictly produced in Italy by leading companies, these are the elements which allow to create a top quality pair of glasses using acetate sheets and core wires.

These elements alone would not have been enough for the success of a high-quality product, if experienced craft professionals like the owners weren’t around. People driven by passion and capable to put the production process in motion, a 40 stages process, all carried out in the company laboratories.

Over the years, the company has renewed the processing machinery several times, always having a basic tenet: automation always supplied with the substantial contribution of master craftsmen.

It is from this fusion that each pair of glasses created becomes a unique and exclusive piece for the wearer.

Since the beginning, the company and its members dedicated themselves to the study and research that then resulted, thanks to its sales network, in the production and marketing of trademarks like BelAmì and Destination.

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